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Practical Massage Therapy Business Card Tips

Most excited first time businessmen would probably have a massage therapy business card printed first. You should remember though that a massage therapy business card is around for a purpose.

Why You Need It

There are a couple of reasons why people have business cards. The most obvious reason for a massage therapy business card is to use it as a marketing tool. Aside from your ads, banners and targeted media marketing, your massage therapy business card can be a little tool that can go places. Let's get this straight though, not everyone agrees to using a business card as a marketing tool. For some a business card is simply a professional statement that they are reputable therapists and businessmen. In this day and age, a business card adds to the image of a business.

Why It's Useless Sometimes

Sometimes, a massage therapy business card is a waste of good money. You give your cards away only to be left forgotten in a drawer by a potential client. Most people these days receive a whole lot of cards from other businesses so your card will probably not receive special treatment and be carried around. Your card will end up useless whether you are using it as a marketing tool or an image builder.

Card Tips

If you want your massage therapy business card to serve its purpose of drawing in clients, then you will have to add more than just your name, business name and contact information. Here are some basic tips on how you can improve your card:

- If you are using a massage therapy business card as a marketing tool then you need to motivate your clients to make a call for an appointment. One classic way of doing that is to tell your clients why their life is so miserable with all that body pain and why they need you. Something simple like, "Is that muscle pain keeping you away from work and family? We'll help drive the pain away," might do the trick.

- A marketing tool also needs to push a client to immediate action. One way to do that is to give a bold FREE offer on your card that they can't resist. You can offer a free service, a free online newsletter subscription or free oils or other items. Make sure you tell them that the offer is limited and not forever so that they'll scramble in line.

- One way to make a massage therapy business card unforgettable is to make it a little personal. You can put a lovely photo of yourself or a handwritten signature just to let people know that you are a real person and not just the name of a clinic. Some people respond better when they see evidence of personality and character.

- There is now an open debate on whether it matters if you have full colored glossy cards or a simple black and white one. A glossy well colored card would definitely tell people that you have a lot of class but others argue that a simple card can be redeemed by how well the card giver communicates. Just make sure though that you at least use good quality card paper and something more than just laser printer ink.

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