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What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a technique that most people associate with applying pressure to various points on the feet. These points correspond to zones throughout the body. The same technique can be applied to the hands very effectively. Hand and foot reflexology has been in use since the times of ancient Egypt.

Today, hand reflexology has even more benefits. We use our hands extensively through using computers, game consoles and other hand held electronics. A relaxing session of hand reflexology not only relaxes the entire body, but is especially helpful for our overworked hands.

Hand reflexology interrupts the patterns of stress in the body. Reflexology stimulates pressure sensors in the hands and feet that relax corresponding body parts. The relaxation spreads to the nervous system and through the entire body. This allows the body to de-stress enough that healing can begin. Studies have shown that reflexology has beneficial effects on the heart and similar effects on the brain to meditation.

Many people are not as aware of hand reflexology as they are with foot reflexology, but both processes work in similar ways. Because hands are more accessible and we are used to working with hands, they are also easier for many people to work with.

Hand reflexology is something that anyone can learn. It uses a combination of pressure, stretch and movement to interrupt the stress patterns that have developed. The important thing to remember is not to overwork your hands if it starts to feel too uncomfortable, or you feel any pain after a reflexology treatment, let your hand rest a few days before doing another.

It is possible to learn hand reflexology techniques and apply them on yourself. These techniques are ideal for those times when you feel stressed or need to calm down for a few moments. First, find a reliable source of information and then take some time to study and learn the exercises. There are many resources available that provide charts to show which parts of your hands correspond with the zones in your body, and they also provide step-by-step treatments that can be used for various ailments.

Many people like to apply pressure by using massage tools. There are wooden tools that can be rolled between your hands to stimulate pressure points that can be quite effective. A reflexologist from the United Kingdom, Kevin Kunz, says his favorite reflexology tool for the hands is a gold ball. "Grasp the hands together, holding a golf ball between the hands, and then roll the ball throughout the palm below the thumb," he advises.

In treating others, reflexology can be helpful in aiding the body's own healing, it can interrupt stress patterns and help relaxation, and it can be an effective method of touch therapy. Touch creates an intimate sensory connection that all humans need it makes a person feel cared for.

There is skepticism about reflexology out these, but those people don't need to believe in it to receive benefit from the treatment. Our overall health can be improved as we stop for a few minutes and practice hand reflexology to relax the patterns of stress that plague us on a daily basis.

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